How Paul can
help you?

Life throws many kinds of challenges at us from time to time and when these are too big or there are too many we can become overwhelmed. As a result we may develop one of the conditions listed below.


Panic Attacks

Phobias / PTSD / OCD

Low self esteem


Sleeping problems



Relationship issues

Paul Grant assists individuals move forward in life at such times. He does this by using the Human Givens framework of looking at what needs are missing and helping the client meet these needs. Paul adopts techniques developed from the latest brain science research to create calmness and happiness. These techniques lift the paralysis imposed by emotional arousal and associated mental illness thus allowing clients to once again choose the direction of their lives.Clients treated by Human Givens therapists report not only an effective quick recovery but also a recovery that persists. There is no hashing over the past, but rather a focus on what action needs to be taken to move forward. Clients are helped to choose solutions to their concerns and this empowers the individual to make continued progress and achievement in life. Paul has helped many people make dramatic changes to their situations in as few as four to six sessions of therapy.

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